Friday, June 29, 2007

Wishmaster - The Lawyer gets it

This ones not on the top 10 but it gets an honorable mention because it's friggin' hilarious! Just watch.

Related Deaths
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies - Getting out of Jail
Wishmaster - Skeleton Pop Up

Ghost ship - Party's Over!

What a way to ruin a perfectly good party

Silent Hill - Skinned Alive!

This poor girl gets skinned alive by everybody's favorite pyramid hat wearing villain

Ricky Oh - Ricki Oh's Enemies

If you've never seen this movie than you've missed one of the craziest asian bloodfests ever, I didn't know which of his victims I should have put on this list...sooo, I put them all.

American History X - Curb Stomp

Curb Stomp, nuff said.

More Great Movie Deaths

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Nazi Face Melt
Ghost Ship - Party's Over
Robocop - ED-209 OWNS!
Thirteen Ghosts - Lawyer Gets Sliced In Half
JAWS - Quint's Demise
Final Destination 2 - Little Timmy Gets Crushed

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Face Melt

At the End of Raiders of the Lost Ark a couple Nazis get whats coming to them. Especially Toht, the Nazi with the famous melted face. Fantastic!

Resident Evil - Slice & Diced

Great scene from Resident Evil, I think Roger Ebert even liked it. But he does bring up a good point. Here an excerpt from his review in the Chicago Tribune.

"There is one neat effect when characters unwisely venture into a corridor and the door slams shut on them. Then a laser beam passes at head level, decapitating one. Another beam whizzes past at waist level, cutting the second in two while the others duck. A third laser pretends to be high but then switches to low, but the third character outsmarts it by jumping at the last minute. Then the fourth laser turns into a grid that dices its victim into pieces the size of a Big Mac. Since the grid is inescapable, what were the earlier lasers about? Does the corridor have a sense of humor?"

Final destination 2 - Little Timmy gets crushed

Stupid little Timmy shouldn't have messed with those pigeons.

Live and Let Die - Mr. Big goes Boom!

After stuffing a shark bullet into Mr. Bigs mouth, he inflates like a balloon, floats to the ceiling and Boom! classic, click here to watch the video

Robocop - Alex Murphy's Death

Alex Murphy's Demise

Truly one of the most violent deaths ever filmed, sure it might not "officially" count as a movie death since he comes back to kick everyones ass, but I'll make an exception on this one.

Robocop - Kinny gets OWNED by ED-209

Poor Kinny get blown away in a hail of gunfire from Ed-209

Robocop -Toxic Waste Guy

There's one particular death in Robocop that stands out and that is the death of the toxic waste guy. Truly a Classic!

Total Recall - Cohaagen Pops

There's no air! Your head inflates like a balloon and eyeballs pop out of their sockets........Awesome! That was Cohaagen's Demise at the end of Total Recall.