Friday, June 29, 2007

Resident Evil - Slice & Diced

Great scene from Resident Evil, I think Roger Ebert even liked it. But he does bring up a good point. Here an excerpt from his review in the Chicago Tribune.

"There is one neat effect when characters unwisely venture into a corridor and the door slams shut on them. Then a laser beam passes at head level, decapitating one. Another beam whizzes past at waist level, cutting the second in two while the others duck. A third laser pretends to be high but then switches to low, but the third character outsmarts it by jumping at the last minute. Then the fourth laser turns into a grid that dices its victim into pieces the size of a Big Mac. Since the grid is inescapable, what were the earlier lasers about? Does the corridor have a sense of humor?"

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prahanormal said...

I love the guys reaction.

Just simply...


MAP said...

The woman at 1:03 is from Torchwood series 3.

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