Monday, August 13, 2007

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies - Tight Squeeze

There are three types of movie lovers in the world. The first only like movies that have a good script or plot. I call this group of people Movie Snobs. Snobs label most movies as "predictable" and care about the characters as if they were their own mother. The second group of movie lovers really don't give a shit, they don't give a shit about the plot, they don't give a shit about the characters, they just want to be entertained. I labele them as Movie Slobs. Slobs love toilet humor slapstick comedies like Dumb and Dumber or Grandma's Boy, but don't really have the patience for low-key comedies like Sideways or Little Miss Sunshine. Most of us are in the third group, dubbed the Movie Buffs. We have a more open mind, we love the serious character driven dramas, but we also like those slapstick comedies. Buffs love all kinds of movies. Buffs are the ones with the huge DVD collections, they're the first ones that show up on Tuesdays to get the free "thing" that comes with the newest DVD at Bestbuy. They know what they like and what they wouldn't. But, the thing that all three have in common is their love for movies. Everyone has their own preferences, but maybe we should all be more like the Buffs. Girls, go watch that new action movie that came out. Guys, maybe catch that new chick flick to make her happy, who knows, you might like it.......maybe.

So, not sure if your a snob or blob? TAKE THE TEST.......if you are NOT entertained by the above clip from Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies. Then you are a snob, I mean come on....that is just hilarious.

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best death in wishmaster 2