Monday, October 1, 2007

The Jackal - Aim is a Little Off

In this scene from The Jackal, Bruce Willis uses Jack Black as target practice for his Gatling Gun anti-aircraft gun. He demands Black to hold out a pack of cigarettes to target. The aim was a little off and ends up blowing his arm off, then lets loose and blasts away. Anybody know what type of gun that is?

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Theo said...

ahh damn i love this clip!
shame youtube deleted it?

Awesome film anyway

ADMIN said...

Those bastards! Dont worry I found another clip.

Anonymous said...

The gun is a Russian ZSU23 23mm high explosive anti aircraft cannon.

It fires 800-1000 rounds per minute

I do suggest the term "Gatling gun" be replaced anti-aircraft gun, as one: A gatling gun, has more than one barrel, and the barrel assembly rotates to facilitate air cooling. The shown weapon only has one barrel.

-anonymous weapons analyst

Anonymous said...

yes its clear if the gun shoots as many bullets as it says it does, then the aim would be way off after 5-10 shots, compounded with distance. It's basic physics and there's no way around it. The bullet will heat up the gun barrel, and as this happens the barrel with warp ever so slightly making your aim wrong. the hotter the gun gets the more the aim will be off target. The ultimate gun as this gun is suppose to be should have a very impressive cooling system using liquid nitrogen or some kind of peltire device that harvests the heat for energy. A thicker barrel will help with reducing the warping and increasing surface area to allow for heat dissipation but that adds to the weight.

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