Monday, December 17, 2007

Temple of Doom - Heart Rip Scene

One of the best all-time violent scenes from a PG rated movie. This clip from Temple of Doom is the main reason why we have a PG-13 rating. To this day, the scene is still censored in the UK. If it's one thing Spielberg and Lucus know how to do, it's how to off someone. Mola Ram chants to the Hindu goddess Kali for a human sacrifice. He then rips out our victims' heart and lowers him into a lava pit. As the victim descends into the hot magma, the still beating heart in Mola Rams' hand burst into flames. So let's recap: guy gets his heart ripped out, then is lowered into a vat of molten lava while still somehow alive. Now that's a movie death! Here's is the loose Hindu translation to Mola Rams chant:

bali chadhoge - (you) will be put up for sacrifice

bali mangti kali ma - mother kali asks for sacrifice

mukti degi kali ma - mother kali will give you freedom

kali ma (3 times) - mother kali

shakti de - give power/strength

bali chadhaoon tere aage - presenting sacrifice before you

sweekar karo - accept it (please)

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Jamie said...

A great death to be sure, but certainly not banned in the UK.
I'm from the UK, only ever saw the movie here, and I remember the scene. Vividly...

Anonymous said...

Actually, the original message is right - bits of this scene are censored in the UK - for example the hand going inside the chest.

Ranjeesh said...

WoW. Until now I didnt know that the movie was PG-13 :P But yeah your translation is correct. I am guessing that u r an Indian and know hindi or maybe a no Indian and know hindi well enough.

According to the movie is rated PG. I guess there is a PG and then a PG-13 version and that link is talking abt the PG version.

L'affair Tournesol said...

I've always thought that this was the best scene from Temple of Doom. Just watching the hand go in and the droll Kalimah!

Vincent Simmons said...

I love how I still remember the words! Thanks for the translation.

visa casino said...

The authoritative message :)