Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brain Damage - Brain Sucking Blowjob

---He's got a monster

Now that I have your attention.....Brain Damage is the story of Brian, who wakes up one day to find a slug-shaped parasite named Aylmer attached to his body. Aylmer injects Brian's brain with a highly addictive, hallucinogenic fluid that makes him super happy. In exchange for the euphoria, Brian helps feeds Aylmer's appetite for human brains......

The movie is a lot of fun. The dialog is above average and the parasite Aylmer is a hilarious yet smooth talking character. Take into account that the film is basically a metaphor for drug addiction and we have ourselves a surprisingly good 80's horror comedy. In this scene Aylmer persuades Brian to go out where they meet a promiscuous woman who gets a mouthful......

Click HERE (NSFW) to watch the clip, skip to 2:30 for the infamous scene

Monday, March 14, 2011

Repo Man - What You Got In The Trunk?

In the midst of all this Charlie Sheen madness, poor Emilio Estevez still can't win. Internet jokes like THIS one, THIS one, or THIS one prove that no matter how insane or out of control Charlie becomes, Emilio will always live in his shadow. But there is one movie that shoots Emilio past his younger brother in the cult classic category, no...... not Judgment Night, I'm talking about the 1984 film Repo Man.

Call it what you want, a satire, a punk film, a black comedy, or an anti-society film. This film spoke to a whole generation during the Regan era and can still be relevant in today's society of war, capitalism, and television.

In this opening scene, we learn why you never open the trunk......

Monday, March 7, 2011

Totall Recall - Midget Hooker of Death

By now you've probably heard that the remake of Total Recall starring Colin Ferrell is set to shoot this May. Most fans are losing their minds, I mean how can they recreate the magic of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Ironside mixed with non-stop Sci-Fi action and extreme violence? You can't, but you sure can try.......

The new film will be based more closely to the Philip K. Dick story "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale." So it will be going in a different direction(although not much different), which is good. But one thing the new version will never have is Mary, the triple-breasted mutant prostitute and of course Thumbelina, the midget hooker of death.

In this scene, Richter(Michael Ironside) and his henchmen visit Venusville's most popular hangout The Last Resort to violently look for Quaid(Arnold Schwarzenegger). As a riot breaks out, Thumbelina grabs a giant knife and charges toward Helm(Michael Champion), Richter's geeky henchman. She stabs him in the gut, killing him then proceeds to get on top of the bar with a machine gun and kick ass. (This scene was created to secure the R-rating, in the original version she stabs the guy in the groin, then carves an incision all the way up to his chest, basically gutting him.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ricochet - Blake Get's the Point

Ahh the early 90's, such a great time for action movies. Total Recall, Terminator 2, Hard Boiled, Die Hard 2, Universal Soldier, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, Under Siege, Speed, and many more. The heroes, the one-liners, and of course......the Movie Deaths. Some are etched into action movie history while others are forgotten, never to be heard of again. Ricochet is one of those films.....

The film stars Denzel Washington as Nicholas Styles, a Los Angeles attorney who puts a vicious killer, Earl Talbot Blake (John Lithgow) in prison when he was previously a cop. Blake has now escaped and is out for revenge.

The film is violent, over the top, and sometimes just downright hilarious(click HERE to watch all the hilarious one-liners)...Washington does a great job as usual, but John Lithgow steals the show here as he puts on a great performance as a ruthless psychotic killer. This film is an absolutely excellent popcorn action thriller that should not be forgotten.

In this clip, our hero and villain fight atop the Watts Towers. As Blake gets the upper hand, Styles' childhood friend Odessa (Ice-T) appears and connects electrical mains to the metal tower, electrifying Blake and sending him off the tower. Blake falls and lands on a protruding spike, impaling and killing him. Followed by another classic one-liner.