Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Live and Let Die - Mr. Big Goes Boom!

One of my personal favorite Bond movies of all time, Live and Let Die had it all. Voodoo, pimps, drugs, Paul McCartney, alligators, sharks, rednecks, speedboats, afros, new villians, human scarifice, and one of the best Bond kills ever. The only thing missing was Q. In the final showdown, Bond and Mr. Big go at it in a pool filled with man eating sharks. Bond manages to put a pellet of compressed air in Mr. Big's mouth, it detonates and inflates him to the ceiling before exploding into pieces. The following line ensues after being asked what happened to Kananga, "he always had an inflated opinion of himself."

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Anonymous said...

This is actually one of my favorite Bond movies ever!! Great job on the site.

Anonymous said...

One of the Best James Bond movies ever under rated by most.But the first true SuperBond film of the 70's and Moore's finest first appearence as 007 2nd being The Spy Who Loved Me.Best ever Bond title song also the damn tune will out live Bond .....................