Friday, September 14, 2007

Wishmaster - Skeleton Pops Out

We're back! Sorry for the delay, but we were suffering from headshot week hangover. In fact headshot week was so popular that we couldn't fit all of it in 7 days, so we'll continue with part 2 another time. Today's movie death comes at the hands of the Djinn. The Djinn is the most underrated horror movie villain ever. Played by Andrew Divoff, the Djinn doesn't have an axe or machete to kill his victims, he uses wishes. With the overriding theme of “be careful what you wish for” in the films, wishes can have disastrous, horrific, and fatal consequences. Often, the genie causes harm to the loved ones or innocent people surrounding the wisher, making others pay for its master’s greed or ignorance, and he always does it in the goriest ways. In this clip from the opening sequence of Wishmaster, A Persian sorcerer sees what the Djinn can do first hand as a skeleton bursts out of a mans body and attacks people.

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