Monday, November 5, 2007


Death by freezing is always fun, but death by freezing and shattering is epic. It was probably done best in Jason X, There aren't many deaths from freezing, so a top 5 list should suffice.

Top 5 Deaths by Freezing (no, Terminator 2 doesn't count)

5) Timecop - When one of the henchmen gets blasted with LN2, Van Damme kicks and shatters his arm to pieces and he falls off a ledge to his death

4) Mindhunters - watching Christian Slater break into pieces bring tears of joy to my eyes. Christian's feet get blasted with some LN2, his ankles then shatter and he falls to the ground and crumbles.
3) The Shining - Jack gets lost in the hedge maze, classic
2) Demolition Man - One of my personal favorites. Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes) instantly freezes, then John Spartan(Sylvester Stallone) kicks his head off, it bounces on the ground and shatters
1) Jason X - Jason sticks Adrienne's face in Liquid Nitrogen then smashes it on the counter

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Anonymous said...

you forgot Boris Grishenko death in goldeneye, "I am invincible!"

Anonymous said...

Saw 3. Nude woman frozen while the main character tries to decide if he will save her.