Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Max - Toecutter's Eye Popping Demise

His wife and infant son were run over, his best friend Goose was burned beyond recognition. To say the least, Max is pissed off and he's out for revenge. Max dons his police leathers and takes a supercharged black Pursuit Special to hunt down Toecutter and his ruthless motorcycle gang who are responsible. In this scene, Max is in high speed pursuit of the brutal and sadistic Toecutter who is on his Kawasaki Z1000. The Toecutter is briefly able to pull away from our hero, that is until Max hits the super charger and gets right on Toecutter's ass. Toecutter looks back as he gives it all he's got, suddenly a semi-truck appears and Toecutter is forced into its path. The bike is destroyed as Toecutter is violently crushed underneath the truck. The money shot comes right before impact when Toecutter takes off his goggles-not sure where he found the time to do that-and his eyes pop out of his head. Classic friggin' scene

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Ivan said...

YES! An absolute fave.

Anonymous said...

The eye pop scene always stuck with me as a child, gave me nightmares. classic scene

Anonymous said...

A similar eye popping effect was used at the beginning during the Night Rider's death scene.

Ivan said...

Before he started making kiddie flicks, George Miller was a big fan of the eye-pop: he even uses it during his John Lithgow/Nightmare at 20,000 Feet segment of The Twilight Zone movie, when Lithgow clearly sees the gremlin on the wing. It's an almost subliminal shot, and if I wasn't at work with the boss looking, I'd try and find a clip...