Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fudoh: The New Generation - Vaginal Blow Dart Assassin

The only man who could come up with a movie death as bizarre as this one is the legend himself, Takashi Miike. Fudoh is one of Miike's earlier films that looks like a typical Yakuza story on the outside, but is filled with so many wonderfully weird over-the-top moments that it breaks through cliché and goes into epic. Riki Fudoh (Shosuke Tanihara) is the youngest son of a Yakuza boss who murders Riki's older brother to settle a dispute between rival gangs. Riki is repulsed by the ways of the mob—particularly his fathers, so he vows revenge with the help of some recruits. One of them is Mika (played by porn star Miho Nomoto), who sports a blow gun and freakish muscle control in her nether regions to create the ultimate stripper assassin. In this scene we see her at work, taking out a mob boss using her um.......special talents.

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