Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2001 Maniacs - Quartering

Remake to Herschell Gordon Lewis’ cult classic 2000 Maniacs. Back in the 1960s, Herschell Gordon Lewis, along with partner and frequent collaborator David Friedman, revolutionized horror by creating the "splatter film." Absurd plots, buckets of blood, and dismembered body parts pushed the subgenre into popularity. While not technically "good", Lewis' films were hits and have since taken their place in the pantheon of classic horror cinema. 2001 Maniacs tries to capture the "quality" of the original and succeeds. The blood, the boobs, the gore, and the comedy are all there. In this scene(a remake of a death from the original), our victim is tied at each limb to four separate horses. A man cracks a whip and each of her appendages are torn off at the chest, we see each rip as she screams and spits out blood in glorious B movie drive-in fashion.

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Ivan said...

The physics are a little off, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment!

Anonymous said...

I like how she spits out blood as if her lungs were punctured