Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Predator - Mac's Death

Mac brings a certain level of intensity and emotional impact to the film. The supercool badass whispers every line and works his razor to death. Mac has the most depth than any of the others characters in the film. After Blain's death, he loses it and from that moment on he made it his own mission to kill what killed his best friend. From chasing the predator through the jungle singing Long Tall Sally to unloading "Ol' Painless" and leveling a good portion of the jungle. Mac might be the most underrated character in the film. Mac might also have the best death scene of the bunch. As Mac crawls under the log in hunt of the Predator, he spots three red dots on his arm. As Mac pokes his head out of his hiding spot, we get a camera shot directly behind his head before the Predator fires a plasma round and splatters his brains all over the camera lens. Classic!

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Ghost in a Turtle SHell said...

This was my personal favorite death scene from the movie, the camera lens getting covered in red was classic

Anonymous said...

Mac!! Bill Duke is amazing as always