Monday, January 18, 2010

Daybreakers - Death Scene

---Hungry Fellas?

Oh boy, what the hell happened to the vampire genre? I do give Daybreakers credit for being somewhat original with its intriguing premise, but the execution was a big missed opportunity. Our main protagonist, a vampire named Edward(no,I'm serious) is a hematologist looking for a blood substitute before the world's supply is depleted. He is employed by Bromley Marks, a pharmaceutical company that is the chief supplier of blood for the American population. The company is operated by bad guy Charles Bromley(Sam Neill) who prefers farming the last remaining humans for their blood. So far pretty good right? Yeah well I don't know what happened, maybe it was the insulting plot twists, the horrible "burning vampire" CGI, the forgettable dialog, the peekaboo subplots(Bromley's daughter), or the strange pacing of some scenes, but let's just say Sam Neill's death scene was the best part, so here it is...all you need to know is that Sam Neill was tricked into turning human, tied to a chair, and sent down an elevator where a massive group of vampire soldiers are waiting......

I did like the dark visual style of the movie, Willem Dafoe(although Shadow of the Vampire was his best vampire flick), the bloody violence... of course, the subsiders, the futuristic elements(even though a lot seemed to be borrowed from the 1993 film Demolition Man). But I was hoping the film was just a little deeper, maybe a broad satire for American consumerism and greed, but there is no hidden message in this film other than watch Let the Right One In again.

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