Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Carter gets Crushed

-----Oh Carter, we hardly knew ye.....

Part of the InGen team sent by Peter Ludlow. Carter has one of the most memorable deaths in the film and possibly the greatest crushed-by-a-giant-foot-death in movie history. Poor Carter meets his demise after his group of hunter-mercenaries are rudely awakened by a female T-rex. During the mad dash to escape the Theropod, Carter trips and falls. As he gets his head out of the mud and turns around, the Tyrannosaurus rex crushes him. Not only does he get squished, but he sticks to the underside of the dinosaur's foot as he gets crushed repeatedly every time the T-rex took a step.

But should we feel bad for Carter? After all, it was his screeching yell that freaked out the T-rex and ultimately caused his own demise. Also, if Carter was paying attention instead of jamming out to his headphones, Dieter would still be alive. When your best friend goes to pee in a jungle filled with carnivorous dinosaurs, you pay attention and wait for him god dammit.

Carter was played by Thomas Rosales Jr, some of you movie death fans may remember him as Chico, from the film Running Man. Actually, this guy has played in over a hundred films and he dies in most of them. We salute you...... Thomas Rosales Jr

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