Sunday, August 1, 2010

Piranha 3-D - Death Scenes

Due to Comic-con's "Family Friendly" tone, convention organizers cancelled the panel for Piranha 3-D after the 10 minute preview planned to be shown was deemed "not appropriate." Well, it's certainly befitting on this site, so here it is....

Some highlights...skip straight to the 5:10 mark, there's nothing too interesting in the first half....

5:40 - As party goers scramble to get out of the piranha infested water, an overcrowded floating concert stage tilts over, snapping a cable and whipping it in the direction of two bikini-clad girls. One of the gals(Ashlynn Brooke) is split in half à la Ghost Ship.

6:10 - As Eli Roth tries to get out of the water, a boat crashes into him, crushing his head and splattering his brains everywhere.

6:45 - A women gets her hair caught in a boat propeller, as the motor is restarted she is scalped, face included.

7:30 - a woman is split in half for no perceivable reason whatsoever.

Also a Bonus! Kelly Brook's death scene

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