Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Collector - Bear Trap Scene

Beyond the Saw films, The Collector is one of the latest so-called "torture porn" flicks. The box office draw for this sub-genre has been steadily declining, but the gross revenue is still sometimes up to ten times the film's budget. As long as there is a profit to be made, "torture porn" will live on.

Originally intended to be a Saw prequel, The Collector has built a bit of a cult following, enough to even warrant a sequel. The movie has enough suspense, booby-traps, and gore to give Eli Roth a boner(although I don't think that would be to difficult). Even though the film was created by the writers of Saw IV, V and VI — the weakest out of the franchise, don't fret, it's better.

Did I mention the gore? Because there's gore, for example, the best death scene of the movie. As Jill and her boyfriend Chad are fooling around in the kitchen, the Collector interrupts by stabbing Chad in the hand with a knife and pushing him into a bear trap filled dining room. That's right, a room filled with bear traps.... let's just say Chad won't be fooling around with Jill anymore.......

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