Monday, August 9, 2010

Jurassic Park - "Clever Girl"

Remember in The Lost World, where like fifty armed mercenaries get attacked by dinosaurs? Not a single lethal round was fired. If fact, other than the beginning of the first Jurassic Park film("Shoot Her!"), not a single dinosaur is shot with a non-tranquilizer gun in the whole trilogy. What the hell Spielberg?

Take this scene for example. While hunting down the escaped raptors, Robert Muldoon, Jurassic Park's game warden, sees one hiding in the bushes. As he slowly and carefully unfolds the shotgun's stock and takes aim, a second raptor pops out from the bushes to Muldoon's left. "clever girl"

One of the few "kinda" on-screen deaths by a raptor. After the dino tackles Muldoon, you can "kinda" see through the conveniently placed palm fronds, it clamping on his head and eating it. How about next time you hurry up and "Shoot her!"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In the German dubbed version, he says "Clever Boy" because it syncs better...