Sunday, June 27, 2010

Under Siege - Eye Gouge, Head Stab

Ah, the 90's....when beepers were cool and Steven Seagal movies were...well NOT direct-to-video. The guy hasn't had a worldwide theatrical release since...*GULP*..Half Past Dead in 2002, although he will have a role in the upcoming film Machete, as a drug lord named Torrez. You might not be able to name any of his newer Straight-to-Video films, but there's a reason we liked Steven Seagal movies so long ago....

Try Under Siege for example. In the finale, Casey Ryback(Steven Seagal) and Bill Strannix(Tommy Lee Jones) go head-to-head in a nicely choreographed knife fight to the death. In the struggle, Ryback snatches Strannix's knife away with his teeth then uses his thumb to push Strannix's eyeball back into his brain. As Strannix moans in pain, Ryback stabs the knife into the top of Strannix's skull up to the handle, killing him instantly. Then just for good measure, Ryback smashes Strannix's head into a computer monitor.....THAT my friends, is a patented Steven Seagal movie kill. You know those scenes where it looks like the bad guy is dead, but then he gets back up for one more shot? You don't see any of those in Seagal flicks.

But what happened to Seagal? What's the difference between old Seagal movies and new Seagal movies? Well, other than about 100 pounds. Two words....EYE GOUGE. Screwface in Marked for Death, Strannix in Under Siege, the guy hasn't had a good eye gouge in almost 20 years. Just Sayin'

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