Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Easy Rider - End of the Road

"We blew it" says Wyatt. Our protagonist's search for spiritual freedom was a complete failure. The next morning as Billy and Wyatt continue their journey, two hillbillies with nothing better to do decide to "scare the hell out of them." As they pull alongside Billy with their pickup truck, one of the hillbillies points a loaded shotgun at him while yelling out classic lines like "Why don't you get a haircut?" Billy responds with the old "New Jersey greeting", but this hillbilly doesn't take too kindly to obscene gestures, so he fires the shotgun at Billy who immediately hits the pavement. Wyatt stops to help Billy, then quickly jumps back on his bike to go get help. Well, of course the two good ol' boys in the pickup turn around and come back - can't have any witnesses, ya know - and blast Wyatt and his motorcycle off the road. The bike explodes and the movie ends with a continuous shot of the wreckage while the camera ascends to the sky. The journey is over as Billy and Wyatt finally find the freedom they were looking for.

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