Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tales From the Hood - Human Origami

One of the single most underrated horror anthology films ever, Tales From the Hood is simply more than just a "black" Tales from the Crypt. Produced by Spike Lee, Tales From the Hood is a collection of 4 short stories filled with tons of social commentary and political undertones, but with a ghetto twist. In the segment Boys Do Get Bruised, little Walter is terrorized by a monster in his house. Cue the metaphor for his abusive evil stepfather Carl, played by the surprisingly good David Alan Grier. Thinking that Walter has told his teacher about him, Carl starts beating Walter and his mom. Walter believes that if you draw the monster and destroy the drawing, it will rid of the monster. Walter grabs a drawing he made of the monster and begins to fold it. Carl's arm bends backwards, corresponding to the fold Walter made on the drawing. Walter then twists and crumples the paper up, leaving Carl mangled and helpless. His closing line is priceless: "This shit ain't over yet, bitch!" His wife then steps on the wadded-up paper, crushing him, before Walter sets it on fire.

"Ah yes...the shit"

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