Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cobra - Off the Hook

It isn't politically correct, it's unrealistic, and sometimes just downright ridiculous. And you know what? It's the perfect 80's action film. It wets the appetite of those who crave a juicy manburger over the salad. A violent, explosive, and entertaining film, Cobra is pure 80's action. From Sly's comical one-liners to the deliciously clich├ęd storyline, Cobra is one of Stallone's most underrated films. If you caught the heavily cut version on TBS(that is not the way to watch an 80's action film), you might have missed one of the best kills in the movie. Cobra and Night Slasher, played by the always awesome Brian Thompson, engage in deadly hand-to-knife combat inside a steel mill. After going back and forth a while, Sly manages to judo chop Night Slasher into a daze. This gives him enough time to impale the Slasher onto a large metal hook. The hook leads our screaming antagonist into a blast furnace where he is burned alive as Cobra watches on with a look of remorse.

"This is where the law stops and I start - sucker!"

dat jaw

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