Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creepshow 2 - Oil Spill of Doom

--BP really fucked up this time

Creepshow 2 is a 1987 horror anthology film based upon stories by Stephen King and scripted by George A. Romero. The second tale, called The Raft, is the story of four college kids who take a trip to a desolate lake for some fun. The characters are your basic stereotypical horror movie victims: Jock, nerd, slut, and shy girl. After they swim out to the raft in the middle of the lake, a mysterious oil slick-like creature appears in the water beneath them. The jock ridicules the nerd's suspicions that the "oil slick" was chasing the girls, refusing to take the situation seriously until the shy girl touches it. The creature instantly wraps around her arm, pulling her into itself and gradually dissolving her, ruining a perfectly good joint......

After the initial panic, the jock decides he could make a swim to the shore, but as he prepares to jump into the lake, the creature grabs him by his foot through the cracks of the raft. Unable to free his friend, the nerd watches the jock get slowly pulled through the raft by the creature.........

Now unwilling to risk swimming for shore, the nerd and slut spend the entire night on the raft. The nerd is the first to wake up in the morning, relieved to find that they've made it through the night. But hormones get the best nerdboy as he decides to fondle her breasts while she is sleeping. He's so enthralled with her cleavage that he doesn't even notice that he accidentally laid her face down on one of the cracks. Our lovely slut wakes up to find her face covered in burning goo as the oil-like blob pulls her off the raft and begins consuming her......

Well, the nerd says "fuck this" and decides to jump off the raft and make a swim for it while the blob is still digesting our promiscuous victim. He actually makes it to shore just before the blob reaches him. Crawling a few feet from the water's edge in apparent safety, he yells "I beat you!" But the creature rises up from the water like a wave and engulfs him. As the creature quietly returns to the lake, the screen pans over to a hidden no-swimming sign near the now-abandoned vehicle.

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