Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sleepy Hollow - Brom gets Axed

--There's only one thing to do when you see a headless guy with an axe......RUN!

No one listens to the smart people...Brom just had to be a hero. It just seems really stupid to try to kill some guy that's missing his head. I'm curious what Brom was thinking, or if he was thinking at all. Oh well Mr. Hero, the Horseman embeds his axe and sword into Brom's torso and pulls them apart, cutting him in two.
Ray Park does an outstanding job( as always) as the badass Headless Horseman. This guy never gets the credit he deserves!

C.O.D. - Cut in twain by the Headless Horseman

Victim - Brom Van Brunt (Casper Van Dien)

Assailant - Hessian Horseman (Christopher Walken/Ray Park)

Famous Last Words - "I'll get him" --Brom Van Brunt

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