Monday, January 19, 2009

Mission to Mars - Woody gets Depressurized

Our heroes have to abandon their vessel. Woody, played by Tim Robbins concludes the only hope of a successful rendezvous with the Resupply Module (REMO) is for him to launch himself directly at it using the remainder of his jet pack fuel, but after he attaches the line from the other astronauts at the REMO he is unable to stop himself and floats helplessly away toward the planet. His wife, Terri, wants to go after him, but Woody knows she'll die in the rescue attempt. So he takes off his own helmet and dies of depressurization rather than let her die for him.

but what does dying of Depressurization really mean? What really happened to Woody? Well, once Woody took his helmet off, the air rushed out of his lungs to equalize the pressure effectively causing suffocation. Then the extreme cold (-250F) froze his body solid. Booya! Woody is now a human Popsicle.

C.O.D. - Depressurization

Victim - Woody Blake (Tim Robbins)

Assailant - Space

Famous Last Words - "God, how I love you" --Woody Blake

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