Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guns and Talks - Slow-mo Sniper Headshot for the WIN

What the hell is more entertaining than a slow motion headshot? The answer is nothing, nothing is more entertaining than watching a bullet pierce through the air in all its skull-busting, instant-killing, brain splattering glory. From Johnny Tapia in Bad Boys 2 to Mr. X in Wanted, the slow-mo headshot will always be a visual treat.

Take this scene from the Korean film Guns and Talks for example. Jae-young (Jung Jae-yeong) takes out his target with a sniper shot. Boring! Am I right?! Now let's see super slow-mo.

Now that's fucking entertainment!

C.O.D. - Headshot

Victim - Target #1

Assailant - Jae-young (Jung Jae-yeong)

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