Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Frighteners - Dammers' Demise

Directed by Oscar winner Peter Jackson, The Frighteners mixes comedy, thriller, and horror very well. Although it was a Box Office disappointment in 1996, it was a must see just for it's amazing digital effects. Michael J. Fox gives one of his best roles, but Jeffrey Combs(Re-Animator) steals the show.

When Peter Jackson learned during post-production that the MPAA was going to give the movie an R-rating (despite many efforts to go for a PG-13 rating), he made Milton Dammers' death scene more gruesome by blowing up his head instead of just having him shot in the chest and blown through the chapel doors. This caused a lot of problems with the European censors, who cut the one continuous shot into two shots, minus the bullet blowing up the head. The U.S. television version uses the take where Dammers is blown through the chapel doors.

Look for R. Lee Ermey as he spoofs his own role from Full Metal Jacket

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Anonymous said...

Is that a shotgun with a sniper rifle?

Alex DeLarge said...

Close, it's shotgun with a flashlight...