Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best Movie Deaths Web Sites and Lists

I've compiled a list of the best Movie Death sites and top 10 movie death lists
This glorious website consists of a custom database that stores details of death scenes in films, like the film name, actor, character names, and-my favorite-the categories that apply to the death. Such as deaths by acid, death by dismemberment, and even death by magic. Additionally, each death contains a humorous write-up, with a fully integrated system to allow people to leave comments. This is the best Movie Death website period.

Cinemorgue is a directory of actors and actresses and the movies in which they died in. Click on the performers' names to see a list of movies in which they died with a brief description of the death scene. Click on Samuel L. Jackson and a list of his movie deaths show up in chronological order, from Goodfellas to Star Wars: Episode III.

Best Film Deaths Scenes put together a list of deaths in film in chronological order from The Birth of a Nation in 1915 to Kung Fu Panda in 2008.

My New Plaid Pants does a feature every week called "Thursday's Ways Not To Die," an in-depth look at some of Hollywood's best Kills. Very entertaining for us sick mofos

Maxim Online’s Top 10 Best Horror Movie Deaths

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Top 10: Manly Movie Deaths

Horror-Movie Deaths You Don't Have To Worry About

7 Movie Deaths That Would Be Awesome to Have on Your Tombstone

Top 10 goriest death scenes in horror movies

Top 10: Sex Deaths pt.1 and pt. 2

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