Friday, January 25, 2008

New Rambo Movie - A Gorefest?

Now, I'm not a critic or anything, but I doubt the new Rambo movie is gonna win any Oscars. That doesn't mean it isn't going to be entertaining as hell and by "entertaining as hell," you know what I mean my fellow movie death lovers. If you haven't watched the new Rambo promo, then you've missed out on probably the most violent movie trailer ever. Here's a clip from Rambo called "never give up." In it you'll see why this movie is rated R for strong graphic bloody violence and grisly images. The movie comes out today, so if any of you see it, leave a comment and spoil us with your favorite death scene.

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tuberown said...

fucking .50 cal sniper to tha head

Anonymous said...

So rambo kills a shitload of people. awesome

tabarenespecial said...

I have't seen the film, but I know that a .50 cal on a human body = juicy splash