Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apocalypto - Deleted Panther Mauling

Ever seen a panther chew a man's face off? Well then, you obviously haven't seen Apocalypto yet. If it's one thing about Mel Gibson movies, it's that they are chock-full of great movie deaths. Braveheart, The Road Warrior, We Were Soldiers, The Patriot, and let's not forget Passion of the Christ. I don't know, Mel must have some raging anger inside his psyche or something. The first clip is the original cougar mauling in the film, but if thats not gory enough for you, check out this deleted scene.

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PipeWarlord said...

nice love this scene. Can't imagine how painful that was

Anonymous said...

nothing like an animal mauling to get the day started, you should post the mayan sacrafices too