Monday, November 26, 2007

Chopping Mall - The Exploding Head Gone Wrong

The "exploding head" has evolved over the years. Done best in the 1981 movie Scanners, many question arise when trying to create the scene. Why would someones head blow up in the first place? Would it blow up into pieces or big chunks? How much blood do you use? In this scene from Chopping Mall (1986) we show you how it can go terribly wrong and cheesy. When someones head blows up, it's not supposed to look like a exploding pinata. With a little bit more blood and guts this could have been much better. Sure, this is The Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time, but we also like to explore those not-so-great cinematic demises. movie, movie, movie, movies, movies

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Demolition Man - Heads Up!

One of the best instantly freezing and shattering movie deaths ever happens to one of the best movie villains ever. Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix stole the show in the 1993 movie, Demolition Man. In this scene John Spartan and Simon Phoenix have their final fight and Phoenix gets his head kicked off. Be well.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Death by freezing is always fun, but death by freezing and shattering is epic. It was probably done best in Jason X, There aren't many deaths from freezing, so a top 5 list should suffice.

Top 5 Deaths by Freezing (no, Terminator 2 doesn't count)

5) Timecop - When one of the henchmen gets blasted with LN2, Van Damme kicks and shatters his arm to pieces and he falls off a ledge to his death

4) Mindhunters - watching Christian Slater break into pieces bring tears of joy to my eyes. Christian's feet get blasted with some LN2, his ankles then shatter and he falls to the ground and crumbles.
3) The Shining - Jack gets lost in the hedge maze, classic
2) Demolition Man - One of my personal favorites. Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes) instantly freezes, then John Spartan(Sylvester Stallone) kicks his head off, it bounces on the ground and shatters
1) Jason X - Jason sticks Adrienne's face in Liquid Nitrogen then smashes it on the counter

Breakout - Propeller Scene UNedited

"They didn't show it!"

We've all yelled it out before, your watching a movie on basic cable, anticipating your favorite gory or violent scene only to have your hopes crushed when you see it's edited to shreds or removed altogether. The part in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when the villain rips out the guys heart, the scene in Running Man when the prisoner's head explodes, the scene where Dennis Hopper is decapitated at the end of Speed, all edited when shown on TV. This scene from the 1975 Charles Bronson classic Breakout is one of them, only shown in the theatrical release, this scene has always been edited for television. Good thing this ain't TV.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Scarface - Tony Montana's Last Stand

You're high off the mountain of coke. Your sister just died and Sosa's men are invading your home, you're pissed! You grab your best gun, a M16 A1 with a M203 40mm grenade launcher. You're ready to go out in a blaze of glory.

Tony knew he was going to die, that's why he said "I'm coming" to his dead sister. That's why he constantly yells out "I'm taking you all to hell with me." He knew it was his final standoff.

You wish you could tell Tony, "look out behind you," but it's too late. "The Skull" blasts Tony in the back with a shotgun and we learn that Greed can lead to your own downfall.