Thursday, November 8, 2007

Demolition Man - Heads Up!

One of the best instantly freezing and shattering movie deaths ever happens to one of the best movie villains ever. Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix stole the show in the 1993 movie, Demolition Man. In this scene John Spartan and Simon Phoenix have their final fight and Phoenix gets his head kicked off. Be well.

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Johnskibeat said...

Demolition Man - say it isn't so.

Fancy some gore? Check out 30 Days Of Night. Review here -

Movie Reviews Collection said...

Nice blog and great video on your blog.

Juan said...

hey this is the first time I read this blog and after 3 pages of reading i just got to love it, I don´t know if you have already posted one of my favorites deaths: the first death on the movie "the cube" (part 1, the only "cube" movie actually good), where a guy gets diced in the very first scene

if you haven´t seen it yet, i advice you to get it as soon as possible, the movie is good and there are plenty of nice deaths to enjoy

Anonymous said...

That's what Phoenix gets for walking around in that stupid hair cut. Ha!!

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Wine and Werewolves

Anonymous said...

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