Monday, November 5, 2007

Breakout - Propeller Scene UNedited

"They didn't show it!"

We've all yelled it out before, your watching a movie on basic cable, anticipating your favorite gory or violent scene only to have your hopes crushed when you see it's edited to shreds or removed altogether. The part in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when the villain rips out the guys heart, the scene in Running Man when the prisoner's head explodes, the scene where Dennis Hopper is decapitated at the end of Speed, all edited when shown on TV. This scene from the 1975 Charles Bronson classic Breakout is one of them, only shown in the theatrical release, this scene has always been edited for television. Good thing this ain't TV.

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Bigben said...

I hate it when the Predator's on TV, the whole movie is edited! I want to see Apollo Creed get his arm chopped off god damnit.

ripley said...

The worst is Sci-fi channel, why show horror movies if the whole thing is censored?

Anonymous said...

I hate watching Robocop on cable, even my DVD doesn't show the whole ED-209 scene,that's why I love this site.

Rune 101 said...

Truly Was Funny. The Thwack Sound When it Hit Him Was Just Awesome.