Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timecop - Goon gets Terminated

Van Damme and mullet take care of business in this scene from Timecop.

Top 5 Deaths by Instantly Freezing and Breaking Apart (no, Terminator 2 doesn't count)

5) Airborne - 1998 movie, not the 1993 skating movie. Guy get blasted with some liquid nitrogen, his legs snap, and he breaks into pieces

4) Timecop - When one of the henchmen gets blasted with LN2, Van Damme kicks and shatters his arm to pieces and he falls off a ledge to his death

3.) Mindhunters - Christian Slater's death is pretty similar to the scene in Airborne when you think about it

2.) Demolition Man - One of my personal favorites. Simon Phoenix(Wesley Snipes) instantly freezes, then John Spartan(Sylvester Stallone) kicks his head off, it bounces on the ground and shatters

1.) Jason X - Jason sticks Adrienne's face in Liquid Nitrogen then smashes it on the counter

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