Thursday, December 27, 2007

Goldfinger - James Bond vs Oddjob

Oddjob. Auric Goldfinger's personal chauffeur, bodyguard, golf caddy, and deadly assassin. Armed with a razor-sharp bowler hat that he uses as a lethal flying disc, Oddjob has become one of the most iconic henchman in Bond history. Extremely strong and nearly invincible, Oddjob smiles as he pummels Bond in a locked vault at Fort Knox. Oddjob is fearless, he knows he's going to die in the vault when the nuclear device explodes, but he is loyal to Goldfinger and knows that he must stop Bond from disarming the bomb. There's only one thing Oddjob is afraid of, his own razor-sharp hat. Bond attempts to use his own hat against him. Bond misses Oddjob with the throw, causing his hat to get stuck between the metal bars. When Oddjob goes to retrieve his hat, Bond dives for a severed electric cable and connects it to the metal, causing a lethal current to run from the bars through the metal hat to Oddjob, killing him. In the novel, Oddjob gets sucked through an airplane window, much like Goldfinger's death in the film. The best difference in the novel though would have to be Oddjob's taste for cats, yum!

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