Monday, September 3, 2007

Dawn of the Dead - Headshot!

We start "HEADSHOT WEEK" off with this classic clip from the original Dawn of the Dead. During the raid scene in the beginning of the movie, one crazy racist cop goes on a shooting spree blasting everyone in sight. He busts open the door and blows one poor guy's head clean off. In the original ending, Peter shoots himself in the head and Fran commits suicide by sticking her head in the helicopter blades. After changing the ending, make up artist Tom Savini didn't want Fran's fake head to go to waste. He dressed the head up as a bearded African-American man and used a real shotgun to film the scene. The result was one of the greatest headshots of its time.

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Anonymous said...

what a blast !!! totally agree about slow mo head shots ! check out midnight meat train. its a must for classic slow mo head shot. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

I was young when I saw it so it probably had a greater impact on me, but Glory opens with a headshot in the first minute or so.