Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Death Proof - Tarantino's Crash

With the use of computer generated imagery (C.G.I.) becoming more popular; the danger in movie stunts, explosions, and car crashes is eliminated. Some argue C.G.I. devalues the realism and thrill factor. Some movie makers refuse to use C.G.I. in their films. In this scene from Death Proof, Tarantino used real cars to make the crash as violent as possible. Tell us what you think, C.G.I. or the real thing.

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Reel Fanatic said...

When it comes to car scenes, at least, give me the old-fashioned kind every time ... that scene from "Death Proof" was simply incredible!

Rune 101 said...

Yep, That Was Pretty Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad the kind of movies that are being made in Hollywood, and then we ask ourselves why is there so much damm violence in this world, well, there you have it, because of violence promoters like phsyco Tarantino.

prahanormal said...

I think, when used correctly, CGI can heighten the experience greatly.

For example, a CGI character can do things normal people wouldn't be able to survive, and the outcome could be more realistic than using puppets.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you're blaming violence in the world on HOLLYWOOD? Are you fucking retarded?!! And how is Quinton promoting violence if the violence in his movies are FAKE? Jesus Christ.

F-A-K-E. I'm a horror fan and I love FAKE blood and gore, but I'm not for real life violence because I'm fucking sane. Learn the difference between the two, sweetie. See, you're the type of person I worry about. You have a simple mind and you can't tell the difference between real violence and fake violence.

The movie is RATED R and hopefully the MATURE ADULTS who see the movie aren't stupid enough to get ideas. If they are, it ain't Tarantino's fault. We need to quit blaming others for our problems. If you decide to be violent because of a movie, your mind is fucked beyond repair and it damn sure ain't the movie's fault.

Not to mention the lovely fact that not everyone on the planet can see what Hollywood produces. Hate to burst your bubble, but neither Hollywood nor Quentin have any affect on human violence. Violence has been around LONG before Quentin and Hollywood existed.

God, you're an idiot. Quinton isn't the psycho. You are. He can tell the difference between fake violence and real violence. He promotes the former. There's nothing wrong with that because it is....wait for it... FAKE. Learn it or shut the fuck up because you make yourself look stupid.

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