Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Eddie Splits

One of the more underrated deaths from the Jurassic Park series. Poor Eddie Carr, the guy heroically saves everyone from the overturned trailers and what did he get? Tag teamed by a pair of Tyrannosaurs in a rather gruesome death. After an adult T-rex throws one half of the hinged trailer over a cliff with Ian, Nick, and Sarah inside, Eddie throws down a rope and tries to pull the trailer back up using one of the SUVs. In the process he gets ambushed by the dinosaurs as they tear the vehicle apart.

Eddie attempts to pull out his tranquilizer gun in a frightened panic, but the front blade sight gets stuck in the camouflage netting resulting in his downfall.

One of them grabs Eddie by the leg and flips him in the air as the other Tyrannosaur grabs his lower half. The two dinosaurs play Tug-of-war until Eddie is finally put out of his misery.

His heroic actions earn him a mention later on in the film, when Roland Tembo claims, "The Rex just fed," to which Malcolm counters, "Just fed? I assume you were talking about Eddie. You might show a little respect, the man just saved our lives by giving his."

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1 comment:

Chris said...

Possibly the most brutal and upsetting death Spielberg's ever inflicted in his "popcorn" films. Even Quint was more satisfying, because at least the old guy's demise was at the climax of the film.

The whole Eddie/trailers sequence is a tour de force, particularly the cracking-glass bit in the dangling trailer, and then Eddie getting chomped is a real punch to the groin for the audience. Shame the rest of the film wasn't up to the quality of this part.