Friday, April 23, 2010

Goemon - Hong-man Choi Splits

Director Kazuaki Kiriya effortlessly oozes out an amazing visual style in his films. Kiriya who wrote, directed, and edited the live action sci-fi film Casshern, pushes the stylistic envelope with his newest film, Geomon. The movie tells the story of folk legend Goemon Ishikawa, a bandit hero who stole valuables from the rich and gave them to the poor. The movie is full of amazing action sequences and imagery that are heavily anime-esque, leaving you stuck in your seat. In this scene our hero Goemon takes on Gao, played by K-1 giant Choi Hong-man. After a couple close calls from Gao's ridiculously large sword, Geomon slides under his legs then proceeds to slice him up the middle, causing his body to slice in half in Takashi Miike fashion.

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