Saturday, February 6, 2010

License to Kill - Henchman gets Decompressed

License to Kill manages to deviate itself from the previous Bond films and give us a few surprises. One being the villain, Franz Sanchez. He has no interest in global political domination, he just wants to get filthy rich selling his cocaine. Sanchez is also one of the few Bond villains that actually look like they can kick Bond's ass in a fistfight and have the balls-or should I say "cojones"- to do it.

License to Kill also had a darker tone where the death scenes were just more brutal and violent. In this clip, Bond manages to frame one of Sanchez's henchmen, making him appear disloyal. Sanchez loses it and throws Krest into a hyperbaric chamber. Sanchez increases the pressure inside the chamber to a critical point, then tears the air tube open with an axe causing rapid decompression. Krest's head expands then explodes in a bloody mess, splattering his brains all over the door window.

Krest is the first henchmen to be killed by his boss due to Bond's crafty scheming rather than directly by Bond himself. Tricky bastard.

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