Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reservoir Dogs - Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?

Fast forward to the scene in the warehouse at the end where everyone shoots each other and we have our biggest controversy since Han vs Gredo. The "who shot Nice Guy Eddie" argument. OK, here's how it went down: Pink's cowering under the loading ramp, Joe's pointing his gun at Orange, White's pointing his at Joe, and Eddie's pointing his at White. After screaming "stop pointing that fucking gun at my dad!" the fun begins.......

Theory #1 - Mr. White shoots Eddie. Right after White gets shot, as he's falling you see his gun go off again before he hits the floor, pointing at Eddie.
FALSE - Although Mr. White seems to turn towards Eddie and fire, he didn't swing his gun around enough to have a good enough shot.

Theory #2
- Mr. Orange shot Eddie
FALSE - Mr. Orange couldn't shoot Nice Guy Eddie because he didn't have any bullets left after shooting Mr. Blonde, also look closely, no gun in his hands.

Theory #3
- Mr. Pink shot Eddie. Pink was hiding under the ramp yes, but when he walks out his gun is in his hand. Did Pink shoot Eddie so he could get away with the money?
FALSE - Why would Mr Pink shoot Nice Guy Eddie? He wasn't close to Mr. Orange like White was. The way Eddie was standing was pretty much perpendicular to where Pink was and the shot almost in the middle of his belly.

The following is an extract from an interview with Chris Penn, from Empire magazine, September 1996:

"I'll set the record straight", chortles Chris Penn. "Nobody shot nice guy Eddie. It was a mistake. What was supposed to happen - and I don't know if Quentin's gonna like me giving this away, but it's too late now, he never told me not to - Harvey Keitel was supposed to shoot Lawrence Tierney, then shoot me, then get squibbed. But what happened was the squib (a small explosive charge resembling a bullet hit) on Harvey went right off after he shot Lawrence, so he went down, but my squib went off anyway, so I went down. So, basically nobody shot Nice Guy Eddie.
Quentin said "You know what? It'll be the biggest controversy of the film. We're leaving it."

He was definitely right. And thus a chapter in movie death history is brought to a close. There you have it.

see for yourself!

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mr. white shot eddi.