Thursday, February 5, 2009

Memories of Murder - The Only Witness

In this scene from the Epic film Memories of Murder, local detective Park Doo-man (Kang-ho Song) and big-city detective Seo Tae-yoon (Sang-kyung Kim) attempt to extract information from the village idiot Kwang-ho (Park Noh-sik). When they realize that the retarded boy witnessed one of the crimes and try to speak to him, they frighten him so badly that he runs in front of an oncoming train and killed before he can identify the murderer, leaving only his fake Nike sneaker. If you are after an intelligent and thrilling emotional rollercoaster ride of a film, I'd highly HIGHLY recommend Memories of Murder.

C.O.D. - Hit by oncoming train

Victim - Kwang-ho (Park Noh-sik)

Famous Last Words - "Stay away, go...." --Kwang-ho

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