Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Death Race clip - Dreadnought

As a fan of the original, a remake can always be scary. I guess we'll see. In this clip 14K aka Liu Kang aka Robin Shou get fucked up. The second video is another clip titled "get out my car."

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Anonymous said...

Well-organized great blog!
I also found a blog featuring various death scenes in movies, it's here.
* the password is 6shaku.
But unfortunately it's an exotic lingual web site.

Prahanormal said...

Whoa wait what. Your a fan of the origional Death Race? I'm sorry dude but I rank that as one of the worst movies ever.

ericksonx said...

Cool blogs.. love the listing you've made dude... same here I also had my reviews for upcoming movies. check this blog