Friday, July 18, 2008

The Street Fighter - Sonny Chiba X-RAY Head Smash

The Street Fighter was the first movie in the States to be granted an 'X' certificate, as some scenes were pretty shocking for 1974. In this scene after Terry and Ratface's car is dropped off the bridge, Terry(Chiba) gets his revenge by beating the holy crap out of two guys. After getting one of them on his knees, he jumps and punches him directly on top of the head- the scene cuts to an X-RAY VIEW of the dude's head getting bashed in! Then it cuts back to the actual shot of the guy, who spews a mouthful of that wonderfully fake-looking Japanese stage blood.

As Christian Slater said in "True Romance" when asked if Sonny Chiba was the good guy- "Well, he's not so much the good guy as he is just a bad motherfucker."

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The Fly said...

Love it. what about the nut-rip or the atom's apple tear?