Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drive - Elevator Face Stomp

“The best kind of cinema is the one where action is long and dialogue short.” – John Ford

Drive isn’t your typical high-energy heist movie with explosions everywhere or witty one-liners every other line of conversation. The dialogue is actually quite sparse, as is the feel for the rest of the movie. Long moments of silence and little action are punctuated by moments of really brutal action that are emphasized by really on-point sound effects. It makes for an almost dreamlike experience.

The film also has an amazing 80s-esque synth soundtrack impeccably integrated into the film along with really solid acting all around. The story itself isn’t anything overly original, but they way it’s all put together is brilliant. The movie is easily one of the best films of the year and the hero may very well be one of the most badass characters in years. This scene simply doesn't do the film justice. Go watch and support this movie!

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The Angry Lurker said...

Want to see this badly.

MRanthrope said...

Agreed. My hands were shaking during that elevator scene, super intense.

I just wrote my own review for DRIVE as well.

Damon said...

great post :D

Danny said...

Easily the best film of this year for me.

Download Movies said...

nice movie