Monday, July 26, 2010

Speed - Subway Decap

According to, Dennis Hopper has died a whopping 30 times on-screen. All starting in 1957 with Gunfight at the OK Corral, Dennis Hopper has had a movie death career spanning six decades. From getting blasted in the head in Blue Velvet to... well, getting blasted in the head in True Romance. Most of his death scenes involved gunfire or explosions, but in 1994 came the crowning moment of his movie death career.

In Jan de Bont's Speed, Payne(Dennis Hopper) and Jack(Keanu Reeves) have their final confrontation atop a speeding subway train. As the two struggle, Keanu forces Hopper's head upward as an overhead subway light flies by and.......well you know the rest.

Later on when Annie(Sandra Bullock) asks where Payne is, Jack replies, "He lost his head"

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