Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mission to Mars - Death Spin

While a crew of astronauts attempt to scan and record a strange formation on Mars, a large cyclone, similar to a sandstorm forms around the structure. The cyclone gets bigger, engulfing the crew and sending debris flying toward the others. One crew member gets a rock smashed into her faceplate, while the others are sucked into the vortex. This is where the fun begins......

We see one of the astronauts being spun so fast in the vortex that he rips apart like a rag doll in a blender. If you watch the scene carefully, you can see his nose and jaw rip off before his visor fills with blood. Could this be the first movie death by Centrifugal force?

This movie was rated PG by the way, that Brian De Palma can get away with anything.

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