Sunday, October 25, 2009

Romeo Must Die - X-RAY Head Kick

As with many formulaic fights, it usually starts out pretty even. The protagonist and antagonist exchange a couple well choreographed punches and kicks. Soon the villain gains the upper hand through some dirty trick and the hero proceeds to get his ass kicked. But on the verge of defeat, the good guy gets a sudden burst of adrenaline and defeats the evildoer. Well this fight is exactly like that, BUT! This one happens to have a pretty good movie death to end it.

An ode to Sonny Chiba in The Street Fighter perhaps? When Russell Wong gets his head kicked in, we get a computer generated image of his head and spinal column shattering. In The Street Fighter, After getting a bad guy on his knees, Sonny jumps and punches him directly on top of the head- the scene then cuts to an X-RAY VIEW of the dude's head getting bashed in. Two very similar and epic scenes.

Romeo Must Die(2000)

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