Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Duel to the Death - Over the Top

Sometimes there are films that can hook you into a genre. Watch Oldboy and you will have a new passion for Korean films. Watch Seven Samurai or Shogun's Assassin and you'll have an addiction to samurai movies. Like those, the 1983 film Duel to the Death will open your eyes to the world of wuxia films. Forget Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Duel to the Death is one of the last old school Hong Kong martial arts epics. This movie has it all. Fast paced fight scenes, beautiful cinematography, compelling characters, and most of all.....Ninjas. Surf Ninjas! Sand Ninjas! Exploding Ninjas! Tree Ninjas! Flying Ninjas! Giant Ninjas! Even naked female Ninjas! Truly one of the most action packed high flying martial arts films ever. In this clip, Japanese Master Hashimoto goes one-on-one with a corrupt Japanese official. The result is a hilarious over the top decapitation.

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