Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watchmen - Rorschach's Death

"DO IT!"

Some would describe him as an idealized fascist. Some say he's a vigilante with serious emotional issues. The truth is that the freckled, ginger Walter Kovacs is the very definition of a badass. In this scene Rorschach takes off his mask when threatened by Manhattan. Walter no longer needs a disguise......

Jackie Earle Haley stole the show with his amazing performance as Rorschach. This guy is going to be an A-list star very soon. He brought so much depth and emotion to the character. It was hands down the best performance of the film. He was Rorschach.

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Anonymous said...

It really is one of the best death scenes. So intense! The actor of Rorschach really stole the movie.

Anonymous said...

i really want to get a picture of that blood spatter for some artwork.. i wish i could find a large image of it